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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the Snappy Chef Cookware be used on other types of stoves..?2020-03-18T14:25:06+02:00

Most certainly. Our cookware (all ranges) are made for normal kitchen use, on either Electric, Gas or Induction Stoves.


In addition to this, all cookware without plastic knobs or plastic handles can be used in the oven, up to 180°C.

Do I need to scrub, or can I use my dishwasher..?2020-03-18T14:14:37+02:00

Our cookware has been designed with your ease in mind, thus everything can go into the dishwasher.

The lids, pots, pans- whether steel or cast iron- everything has been manufactured to go through a thorough cleaning in your dishwasher.

Can the Snappy Chef Kettles go on gas..?2020-03-18T14:51:02+02:00

Yes, however we do not recommend using the coloured kettles on gas, as they might discolour due to the heat from the open flame.
In this case, we suggest getting either of our silver kettles.

Can I connect my appliance directly to the stove circuit…?2022-12-07T10:19:48+02:00

Well, you can’t, but a certified electrician can.

This will not void your warranty, but in all honesty, it would be just as simple to install a outlet point on this connection, into which your stoves can be plugged.

AND REMEMBER: all stoves have a limited walk-in warranty. They will have to be returned to our Service Centers for repairs.

In this case an outlet just makes so much more sense.

What type of warranty do I get on my Snappy Chef Products..?2020-04-21T11:52:23+02:00

For this, we’d ask that you visit our warranties page here…

Various products have various warranty terms, which is expanded on in our warranty section.

Oven safe cookware…?2022-12-07T10:18:20+02:00

Why yes, yes our cookware is oven safe.

Our pots would be fine to about 260°C, however the lids can only safely be used up to 180°C.

REMEMBER that glass cracks and steel warps when cooled suddenly.

We recommend removing the cookware from the oven to cool before placing in water or filling with water.

Are there any health hazards to be aware of..?2020-03-18T14:33:55+02:00

No. Induction is extremely safe, and only creates a concentrated magnetic field.

This field is centred no more than 2-3 cm from the stove top, and should not pose any threat to persons with pace-makers.

The cooktop is made from glass, won’t this be an issue..?2020-03-18T14:35:09+02:00

Our cooking surfaces are all cut from black crystal glass, which is known for it’s high heat endurance,

and reasonable scratch resistance.

When will delivery of my order take place..?2020-04-18T10:12:19+02:00

Deliveries are made by 3rd party couriers- and can take up-to 4 days.

However, we source only the best service providers, and have a normal turn-around of 1-2 days on delieries.

Read more on our deliveries here…

Can I install my Snappy Chef over an oven..?2022-12-07T10:02:29+02:00

Most certainly.

Just ensure enough breathing room (about 5-10cm) between the oven & stove base, and you’ll be good to go.

Any delivery delays..?2020-04-18T10:56:25+02:00

While we take every measure to ensure timely delivery from our side, external factors such as weather,

national emergencies, strikes & hi-jacks, might result in delivery delays.

We are committed to keep you as customer updated on developments as soon as we are informed of such.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do I clean my stove..? Elbow grease..?2020-03-18T14:41:38+02:00

No, no, no.

Since there’s no heated element, cleaning is as simple as wipe.

Use a non-abrasive, grease removing cleaner- such as dish-soap and some warm water.

(We keep our Snappys nice & shining with some Windowlene)

Covid-19 & my order. What now..?2020-04-18T10:56:39+02:00

While we continually adjust our work arrangement to comply with governmental directives on lock-down & trading,

we are committed to ship orders at the soonest possible moment.

That being said, it seems unlikely that an end to lock-down will be abrupt, and that life will continue as normal after the fact.

We would thus like to ask patience and understanding in these matters, while still offering the option to opt-out of any purchases made,

at anytime that you as customer feel the wait has become too long.

Please feel free to contact us in this regard at any time.

Do induction cooktops make noise..?2020-03-18T14:44:38+02:00

Its possible to hear some noise when using the Snappy Chef Induction Stoves.

Most portable / free standing induction stoves have cooling fans that can be heard.

This noise can be mitigated by sinking the unit into the counter or a frame. Check out our frames for more in this…

Can a Snappy Chef cause a fire..?2020-03-18T14:49:30+02:00

No, it’s impossible for the appliance to create a fire, since it doesn’t have a heated element.

In addition to this, our induction stoves will switch off if extreme heat is detected- in order to protect the electronics of the appliance.


That being said, we recommend keeping an eye on your food while cooking- as you would normally.

Substances such as oil can spontaneously catch fire if heated enough- and this will damage both your home and your stove.

Damage from over heating will not be covered by our warranty.

My Snappy Chef has stopped working… now what..?2020-03-18T15:00:18+02:00

Now you contact us.

We offer a free repair service (on certain items) during the warranty period, and a paid service after that.

You can book a repair here… or whatsapp us here… to have everything sorted in a jiffy.

Do I need special cookware for my Snappy Chef Induction Stove..?2020-03-18T15:06:29+02:00

Not. At. All.

Induction means heating by method of magnetism. As simple as that.

What that means: only magnetically conductive cookware will work on an induction stove.

Cast Iron is ideal, and some types of stainless-steel will work.

Copper, aluminium, ceramic & glass cookware will NOT work.


The best way to check your cookware will be by using a fridge magnet.

If the magnet sticks to the outer base of your cookware, it should work perfectly.

If not… eish…


Keep an eye out for the ‘Induction friendly’ logo on your next shopping trip:

Does the Superlight Cast Iron Range only come in red..?2020-04-20T09:54:20+02:00


In order to manufacture a specific colour, minimum orders of 500 units need to be made, shipped and stored.

We simply do not have the capacity for this, and at this time, only manufacture in red.

How do I wash my knives..?2020-04-20T09:58:18+02:00

Firstly, the knives are not dishwasher safe.

Secondly, the knives should not be left to ‘soak’.


Cleaning the blades can be done with a soft sponge and hot, soapy water.

The pakkawood handles may discolour, chip or crack if left soaking.

Which is the best setting to use..?2020-03-18T14:08:40+02:00

Hot-plate                         P1
Slow-simmer                  P2
Medium Simmer            P3
General Cooking            P4 – P5
Grilling                             P7 – P9
Boiling a Kettle               P9

My stove displays E5 / E7 after cooking for a while. What does this mean..?2020-03-18T14:24:19+02:00
E5 on 1-plate Stoves   |   E7 on 2-plate Stoves

This error code normally indicates that the appliance has overheated, and for safety reasons, it switches off.
Give the unit about 5 min to cooldown (by removing the cookware), and then continue with your cooking.

The reason for the error is simple- under the glass-top, a small sensor monitors the temperature of the cooking surface.
Should the temp reach critical, the point where actual damage can be done to the appliance or your cookware,
the stove will go into error mode, and cooldown (you’ll note the fan remains working).

The simplest way to work-around this cautionary feature,would be to place your cookware on 3 coins.
The coins will lift the cookware from the surface (about 2mm), allowing the cooking surface to remain cooler for longer.
Caution is advised when trying this, as the coins will become extremely hot, and should not be touched until properly cooled.

I received an E0 error. Why..?2020-03-18T14:12:37+02:00

The E0 error will be displayed if you have either incorrect cookware, or no cookware on your induction stove.
As the induction stove creates a magnetic field, by which the cookware is heated, it will not start working until the correct cookware is placed on the stove top.

Keep an eye out for this icon with your next cookware purchase.


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