About Us

Snappy Chef has been providing South Africa with a Cheaper- Faster- Safer way of cooking for many years now.

Who are we..?

Snappy Chef has been providing South African with a Cheaper- Faster- Safer way of cooking for many years now. Opening mid-2010, with a very small range of appliances & cookware and a small team, we have grown considerably since then. Our current offering spans more than 50 high quality products, catering to diverse market segments from 4 dedicated locations in Southern Africa. Our market presence has also increase exponentially, with over 400 retail outlets now stocking our range, and our online store being more accessible & informative than ever.

Snappy Chef is the largest importer of induction appliances in Southern Africa, making us the leaders in our field- and this can clearly be seen in our national retail footprint and the size of our product range, which ranges from portable stoves for the outdoor lovers to normal household stoves as well as commercial stoves for restaurants, guesthouses and more.

Our Vision:

Our primary aim over the next ten years is to establish Snappy Chef as the undisputed Leaders in Induction Appliances and Cookware by offering quality products at affordable prices with outstanding customer service. This means being the best, not necessarily the biggest.

Our Mission:

By our customers in terms of value, range and quality of service we provide

  • By our Franchisees in terms of the profit and ongoing support
  • By our employees in terms of remuneration, condition of work, training and employment opportunity
  • By our suppliers in terms of fair and mutually profitable dealings and their willingness to develop their business with ours
  • Our product philosophy is to provide top quality products at affordable prices
  • Our people philosophy- staff, customers and suppliers – maintenance of honesty and integrity in all our dealings, and a consistent high standard of business conduct and ethics
Thus, Snappy Chef strives to provide the best possible product and service to more people, in a better way.


Snappy Chef is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ when it comes to affordable, efficient & economically viable cooking solutions. Our biggest clients include developers of student accommodation and retirement villages. Using our appliances provides for safe cooking, while keeping the rising costs of electricity at bay.

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Food & Hospitality

Partnering with the South African Chefs Association, Snappy Chef is the preferred choice of many a chef, restaurant & food chain. By providing appliances that can heat-up fast, is simple to use, and save electricity, it’s easy to understand why our brand is favoured in commercial kitchens, restaurants & food services everywhere.

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Recognising the need for savings & speed even when our customers are not home, a big chunk of our cookware & appliance range have been designed with traveling & leisure in mind. Not only are our safe-to-store-even-after-use appliances widely employed by caravaners & campers, more and more guesthouses & lodges are providing their patrons with the easy convenience of induction.


We do not consider efficiency, comfort & elegance something you have or strive for, but rather a lifestyle- and this is incorporated in all our products. While others think Snappy Chef the brand, we dream Snappy Chef the Lifestyle– and this is what we offer all our patrons, whether a new user of our appliances or a long-time friend that can no longer imagine life without our goods.

“We promise our customers the highest quality of goods & services- and challenge them to keep us to this standard.”