Repairs, Replacements & Refunds Policy

While we love to keep our customers satisfied,

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LAST UPDATE – 19.08.2021

Pursuant to the company’s commitment to excellent service, this policy should guide any action and process in relation to returned goods. While this policy outlines our modus operandi, we reserve the right to deviate from these practises.



Refunds will only be offered on products returned with-in seven (7) days of purchase, with the original packaging. Clear reasons for return should be provided, along with all documentation pertaining to the original purchase. In line with the CPA, charges may be levied on returns having been used or without original packaging.
– Refunds can only be requested from the store of purchase, or at a Snappy Chef Brand Store on special arrangement.
– Sales documentation should accompany any return.



Immediate exchanges/refunds will only be offered on defective products returned in
seven (7) days of purchase.

All goods stocked by the company is reasonably subject to quality control management (QCM) and the company reserves the right to fair process and review of any returned item in determining the cause of defects. The company is obligated to process such return within two (2) workdays from return.
– Returns may be made to the store of purchase or at any Brand Store.
– All exchanges will be made in accordance with the Warranty Policy as dated at the day of purchase.
– Sales documentation should accompany any return.



Damaged or faulty appliances may be handed in at the store of purchase or delivered to any Snappy Chef Service Centre.
– Repaired goods will be guaranteed for an additional three (3) months from date of repair.
– Repaired goods may only be collected from the store of return after repair, unless otherwise arranged.
– Repairs are subject to costs, dependant on the Warranty Policy at the time of purchase.
– Repair times may vary but be limited to 48 hours (workdays only) from receipt of goods by the Service Centre.
– Repairs to Snappy Chef appliances/products will only be made at a Snappy Chef Service Centre. No exceptions. No repairs will be delegated to a member of the public, customer or product owner, irrespective of occupation or background.



The Snappy Chef Group (TSCG) reserves the right to reasonably process each claim on its own merits. When considered necessary, deviation from this policy may be advisable, pursuant to customer satisfaction and the CPA.