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We’d love to assist with any questions you have, however- we’re not yet sure what you’d like to know…

For now we’ve answered a few of the more common questions we’ve been asked before.

We’d love to here from you, please use our contact-us facility to asks us anything…


– I received an E0 error. Why..?

The E0 error will be displayed if you have either incorrect cookware, or no cookware on your induction stove.

As the induction stove creates a magnetic field, by which the cookware is heated, it will not start working until the correct cookware is placed on the stove top.



– Can the Snappy Chef cookware be used on other types of stoves…?

Most certainly. Our cookware (all ranges) are made for normal kitchen use, on either Electric, Gas or Induction Stoves.

In addition to this, all cookware without plastic knobs or plastic handles can be used in the oven, upto 180°C.



– How long does delivery take on weborders..?

We make use of 3rd party courier services to delivery our goodies.

While delivery normally takes palce within 24 hours after being shipped from us, it might take upto 4 working days to complete delivery.

Read more on our Delivery Policy here…