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Enjoy Easy, Energy-Efficient Cooking with an Induction Cooker 

Induction cooking is not that new in the culinary world, as it has been around for some time. Many top culinary academies include cooking with induction cookers in their curriculum and they have been used in many professional kitchens over the years, although they are an addition to the usual gas cookers and not a replacement. Certain things are easier to do on an induction cooker than a gas stove, and professional chefs often use both for the best results.

In the domestic or residential kitchens, however, induction cookers are quite a new concept that is growing in popularity for a great number of reasons. Induction cookers are fast becoming part of most modern household kitchens, as they provide a very energy-efficient way of cooking just about any meal.

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Many people are confused by the fact that the pot and the stove plate remain cool to the touch, yet the food inside the pot or pan is cooking. There is no magic to this – it is pure, simple science. The induction cooker, or induction stovetop plate, contains magnetic coils. When an electric current flows through the coils, it creates a magnetic field, and this transfers into the base of the pot on the plate. Only the content of the pot or pan is then heated up, while the air around the pot and the plate remains cool. The moment the pan is removed, the transfer of the magnetic field is broken and cooking stops.

Benefits of an Induction Cooker

  • Specific temperature settings: Because the magnetic field is regulated (increased or decreased) by the electric current flowing through it, it is very easy to regulate the temperature in the pot with the mere touch of a button. The electronic dial with temperature gauge also makes it easy to select a specific temperature.
  • Economical to use: When gas is used, a lot of the heat escapes into the air around the pot or pan. This creates a great deal of heat in the kitchen, and it also uses a lot of energy. With induction cookware, the heat is concentrated in the cookware, and this means that no heat (or energy) escapes around the cookware, which makes the use of energy more efficient.
  • Easy to clean: Because there is no heat on the induction cooker, there is very little risk of burnt-on food, which makes the induction plate easy to clean. The surface is also smooth, which helps to keep it clean and hygienic.

People who are interested in replacing their current electric or gas hob with an induction cooker will have to take note that special cookware may be needed. The required cookware has to have iron, copper, or certain other conductive metals in the base in order to work with the magnetic fields generated by the induction cooker.

If you are interested in switching to an induction cooker, but still not sure what exactly is involved, speak to our team at Snappy Chef. We have a wide range of highly efficient induction cookers and a wonderful range of cookware that will work just perfectly with your new induction stovetop. Give us a call today and start cooking in an efficient way!