A proper set of cookware cannot be overemphasised – it simply makes all the difference. Spend enough time in the kitchen, and you are sure to develop a liking for a specific pot or pan (and will usually neglect the others when given the choice). It is all to do with evenly heating food, non-stick abilities, and whether or not cleaning up after cooking is easy. You enjoy something versatile that is not going to fall apart within the first year of use, so of course, you’re going to prefer something of quality. All of the above reasons are precisely why so many people enjoy cast iron pots, and if you do not yet have your own set, then keep reading to find out why every kitchen needs one.

The More You Use It, the Better It Gets

There are only a handful of things in life that get better with age – wine, cheese, antiques, and cast iron pots! The reason for this is also one of the reasons that this type of cookware is still so prevalent in kitchens across the globe today. The more you cook with your pan or pot, the more oil sticks to the surface of the cast iron to form a patina. This process is known as “seasoning” and allows for non-stick cooking which compares well to aluminium and stainless-steel cookware. Your well-seasoned skillet or saucepan will thus be easier to cook with, and it makes washing up effortless too. It also means you will need to use less oil and your meals become healthier and healthier.

One Pot to Rule Them All

If you are seeking to declutter your kitchen cupboards and scale back when it comes to all those house-warming gifts, then a good set of cast iron pots can replace most of your cookware. Their improved non-stick ability over time and ability to be used atop a stove or inside the oven makes them ideal. Use yours for baking, frying, searing, roasting, or browning. They are also known to add some essential iron to food, so you get a health boost there too.

Great for Non-Toxic, Safe Cooking

While on the topic of health, some non-stick pans contain chemicals linked to harmful side effects and these chemicals may leach into your food over time. Cast iron pots, however, are safe to use and, as mentioned above, still provide for hassle-free cooking.

Durability at a Great Price

It is not uncommon to inherit a couple of cast iron pots and pans from your grandmother, as this type of cookware has been known to last for decades. Tough-as-nails and hardwearing, purchasing your new set is an investment that will last you years down the line. The great part about this is that they are cost-friendly and will not break the bank, so you can be sure you are getting top quality at an excellent price.

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