From Electric to Electromagnetic: Why You Should Make the Switch to an Induction Cooker

 He mentioned the “R” word. The time has finally come for a kitchen renovation, and you’ve started with a new cook-top. Your electric stove has been kind to you over the past decade, but you’re thinking of investing in an induction cooker. A steadily growing trend, an induction cooker is the top cooking choice for modern developments, hotels, restaurants, student accommodation, and family homes with young children. Here are some top reasons to make the switch from electric to induction.

Induction is the Speed King

Gentle enough to melt and powerful enough to boil – induction heats up quicker than electric, reducing cooking time significantly. For instance, a lab test revealed that an induction cooker heated 6-cups of water in 3-minutes and 7-seconds, whereas an electric stove boiled the same amount of water at around 6-minutes. If you think this is quick, the latest induction cookers can heat liquid at an even faster rate.

More Energy Efficient than Electric

Apart from the many benefits that come with this modern cooking technology, one which stands out is energy efficiency. South Africans have to deal with astronomical energy costs and this technology will allow you to reduce your rates and be more energy-efficient, saving you money. According to Popular Mechanics, cooking consumes around 90% of the energy induction generates for cooking, whereas electric ovens use only 70%. Lack of residual heat means a cool kitchen during the summer months. As a result, your air-conditioner will not eat into your units, as there is no heat energy escaping from the kitchen into the atmosphere, making this technology more efficient and energy-savvy than electric.

Unmatched Safety Features

Modern-day has brought with it new technologies to aid us in cooking, with electromagnetic energy taking centre stage. Based on electromagnetism, an induction cooker uses currents that transfer heat from coil to pot instantly. Because the magnetic fields change, the cook-top will be cool to the touch. It also comes with Auto Shut-Off – the plate shuts off when you remove the pot or pan, and it is fireproof. Considering flames and grease from stoves are the leading cause of household fires, your little ones or elderly parents or grandparents will not be in danger when using this safe, modern technology. Adding to speed, safety and efficiency, clean-up is quick and easy.

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