Those old-fashioned, copper or stainless-steel kettles your grandma used back in the day are once again in vogue. Yes, it’s true. People are switching from plug-in electrical to stovetop-induction whistling kettles – and for excellent reasons. Stovetop or induction whistling kettles tell you when the water has boiled, and they deliver boiling water faster than electric kettles do. While we could give you 20 reasons to steer away from electric, here are just three why more and more modern homes prefer an old-fashioned whistling kettle, whether it uses induction or stovetop heating.

  1. The Whistle: It’s Nostalgic
    Kettles whistle for a reason: to remind us that the water has reached boiling point and is ready for evaporation. While the whistling function plays a role in protecting the elements of the kettle, there is nothing more nostalgic than the sound of the whistle, like a good friend, in the background. Just don’t leave it shouting for too long, though. Fortunately, most stovetop and induction kettle brands offer a choice of a quiet whistle or one that will give your boom box serious competition. To ensure the right sound for your ears, enquire about its vocals before purchasing.
  1. Energy Efficiency and Consumption
    An essential part of our daily lives, and the only way to start the day for many, the right kettle is a must-have in any home, student accommodation, retirement village, or workplace environment. Stovetop and induction whistling kettles are 85% energy-efficient, reaching boiling point faster and delivering water at higher temperatures than electric. Not only is it quick-heating, economical, and safe – making a pleasant sound when it reaches boiling point – it’s also sleek in design.
  1. Sleek, Curved Designs Complement Any Kitchen Interior
    If you’re after a kitchen focal piece, you want a sleek, curved, cast iron or stainless-steel whistling kettle that blends in with your kitchen interior. While looks are most definitely important, these indispensable tea or coffee boilers are also functional and energy saving with an unmatched vocal safety feature. An “Instagram-friendly” way to boil your water, they make a contemporary retro and vintage style statement in any kitchen with their variety of elegant, curvilinear designs and colours. 

Stovetop or induction whistling kettles are winners and could be a trendy addition to any student digs, home, or self-catering hospitality unit. These cast iron or stainless-steel kitchen necessities are safer than electric kettles: they come with heat-resistant, non-slip handles; they are easy to clean; and they warn you that the water is ready by sending out that distinctive whistle. What’s not to love about them?

Whistle Away in Style with Snappy Chef

If you’re going to shell out money on an essential that you use all day, every day, you might as well invest in the best. Stovetop or induction whistling kettles are durable, safe, hassle-free, energy-saving, and worth every cent. However, if you’re going induction, you will need an induction stovetop (which is easier than you think – induction stovetops are affordable when compared to gas or electric). The best thing about them is that you only need one induction plate, which will look “designer” with your retro whistler on top. To jumpstart your search for a top-quality whistling kettle, look at our stylish range at Snappy Chef.