Why Whistling Kettles Are So Desirable

Modern technology brought us the electric kettle and then the self-switch kettle, which means that nowadays, we hardly pay any attention to the kettle after we have switched it on. Most kettles found in people’s homes and offices are electrical, yet a lot of hard-core traditionalists still prefer to use the old whistling kettle on their stove tops, instead of the plastic electric kettles. There is certainly a welcoming charm in the sound of the whistle that reminds one that the water is boiling and that it is time to pour a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

Historically, the kettle was invented to avoid having to boil water in cooking pots. The cooking pots often took on the flavour of meat or other foods cooked in them, which then flavoured the water. To avoid unpleasant tasting hot water, a single vessel was used to boil water exclusively. Later on, continuing to check the water became cumbersome, so as a result, the whistling kettle was invented in 1890. Initially, it was called a “tea kettle” because most people only drank tea (coffee was expensive and in short supply in those days), but nowadays, the whistling kettle is used to boil water for a wide variety of food and drinks.

The new generation of whistling kettles currently on the market is lightweight, beautiful to look at, colourful, and very stylish. Whistling kettles are a practical choice once again and have become very trendy. Most of them can be used to boil water on any heat source, including induction plates.

The Benefits of Using a Whistling Kettle

Boils quicker: Whistling kettles are designed to retain heat (unlike automatic plastic kettles) and as a result, they take less time to reach boiling point. This means that you don’t have to wait too long for that delicious cup of tea!

Energy efficient: It takes a lot more energy to fire up an electrical kettle than most people realise. A kettle is one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the home. One of the most energy efficient ways of boiling water is to use a whistling kettle on an induction plate or on gas. Stoves are also energy-intensive, so even though you can boil water quickly and easily on an electric hob, it does require rather a lot of energy. If you have a gas stove, it also means that you can still enjoy a hot beverage during load shedding!

Safe to use: Modern whistling kettles are designed in a way that makes the whistle louder as the water starts to boil more frantically. This whistle is hard to ignore, which means that regardless of where you are in your home, you are very likely to hear the whistle. This vastly reduces the risk of the kettle boiling dry.

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