The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Cookware

Widely regarded as the ultimate in cookware, stainless steel pots and pans are favoured both by those who cook for their families and those who cook for a living. They have become a popular buy all over the world and, in practice, it is a choice that is more than justified. There are many reasons why these products are so popular and only a couple of minor cons that are far outweighed by their advantages.

Firstly, the metal itself is particularly durable. In addition to being highly stain-resistant, it will not rust or chip, and is also resistant to scratches and dents, despite rough handling. Easy to clean, even by hand, stainless steel cookware should generally also be dishwasher safe.

One of the common problems encountered with cheap pots and pans is that they have a tendency to introduce a faintly metallic taste into food during the cooking process. This is especially true of those that are mildly acidic, as they sometimes leach out traces of certain metals. Some product manufacturers overcome this with a non-stick coating that, in addition to living up to its name, also allows them to get away with using a cheaper metal. Even in the absence of a non-stick lining, there is no need to worry about either leaching or sticking when you purchase high-quality stainless steel cookware.

One of the slightly negative aspects of this alloy, which is basically a mix of iron and carbon combined with various elements, such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum, aluminium, and silicon, is that it displays comparatively poor heat transfer. This, however, is a shortfall that can easily be overcome by bonding the base of a pan with either copper or aluminium. The bonded base serves to improve its thermal conductivity and is the solution adopted by the manufacturers of high-quality stainless steel cookware.

While it may be rather less of a concern for the professional chef, the appearance of pots and pans will often be an important consideration when one is purchasing cooking utensils for use in the home. In addition to wanting equipment that performs efficiently, many home cooks want something that enhances the look of their kitchen, Not only is the mirrored finish on these products able to achieve this, but it can continue to do so for many years, given that it only needs a gentle rub after each use to restore and maintain that pristine shine. Furthermore, if anyone should actually manage to irreparably damage an item of stainless steel cookware, those who share the growing concern for sustainability and the environment will be delighted to learn that it is 100% recyclable.

So, what are the cons of these remarkable products?  Well, some may find the initial purchase price to be a little steep and, in general, the higher the quality, the more one can expect to pay. However, bearing in mind the longevity of these items, they are still cost-effective investments. While they may need a little more effort to clean than coated products, their non-stick surface will have worn thin long before it’s time to ditch your stainless steel cookware. Visit a Snappy Chef outlet for a set to suit your budget and style.