Furnishing a commercial kitchen is one of the biggest costs for a restaurant or catering business. It houses large appliances, sinks, cookware, cutlery, fridges, ductwork, ventilation fans, metal surfaces and more. These are a massive financial investment. Moreover, a restaurant or hotel kitchen consumes five times the energy of a standard office. Running a restaurant today is taxing, and even worse so, during a global pandemic.

The restaurant industry took a fatal knock since the inception of lockdown, and not just locally but worldwide. Many restaurateurs had no other choice but to close their doors, and those lucky enough to survive had to re-evaluate their overheads and energy costs, leading to one of the biggest culinary debates: which is better—gas or electric? As one of South Africa’s leading kitchen equipment suppliers, Snappy Chef recognises that gas is the top culinary choice for large commercial kitchens. Here’s why:

Hotter Flame with Simple Control

Gas gives you an instant, constant flame, heating the pan fast. It allows for simple control, and it reaches higher temperatures much quicker than its electric competitor. Because the flame spreads evenly along the bottom of the pan, food cooks or grills faster, saving chefs precious time. Gas cookers are emergency-ready 24/7, making them a reliable source considering our current load-shedding woes. They are far more durable than electric smooth-tops, and are cookware-friendly.

Reduced Energy and Operational Costs

Gas stovetops cost a bit more upfront, but only because the stove requires additional assistance from professionals to secure and install pipes, cut-out valves, and ventilation systems that meet safety regulations. However, gas stoves’ operational and maintenance costs are a fraction of the price of electric stoves, and once you’ve settled the upfront purchase and installation costs, you will see significant, life-long savings.

Most kitchen equipment suppliers will tell you that there isn’t a clear frontrunner in the household gas VS electric stove debate. However, many suppliers will tell you that fire trumps its electric competitor in commercial kitchens. A successful commercial kitchen must be energy efficient, and cooking with fire reduces operational costs while ensuring better flavour and adds creative flexibility. Now that you better understand why commercial kitchens rely on gas, be sure to partner with the most credible gas stove suppliers in South Africa – Snappy Chef.

A partner of the South African Chefs Association, Snappy Chef is the largest importer and online go-to-supplier for residential and commercial induction, electric, and gas stoves in South Africa. Not only do we supply a variety of gas stovetops and gas and inductive combo stoves, but also carry a variety of high-quality cast iron and stainless steel cookware, and catering products. We are also a supplier of whistling kettles, chef knife sets, and the classic and elite chafer range.

With the hospitality industry grappling a global pandemic, your meals are only as good as the quality of your equipment, and a scathing review can hurt your establishment. Do not let lockdown, load shedding, and high operational and energy costs prevent you from delivering exquisite cuisine. Turn to South Africa’s leading commercial kitchen suppliers. With over 400 retail outlets throughout every province and town – we provide free delivery to your door.