Looking to shop cookware for your home kitchen or bed and breakfast, or are you a chef looking to sharpen those hard-earned culinary skills with a quality set of cast-iron pots and pans? Perfected by few and persistently attempted by many others, mastering the culinary arts is not just a learned skill and science. If you want to create proper cuisine, you need the right cookware. Whether you are in catering, passionate about home-cooked family meals, or you are a hospitality owner or chef, shop the best quality sets in these two simple steps.


  1. Shop for Taste


Many say that fresh ingredients make a dish, but your pots and pans play an essential role in the flavour. All cooking surfaces, especially metals, react with food. For instance, cooking acidic foods like wine, citrus, and tomatoes in an unseasoned cast-iron pot will cause metal from the vessel to leach into the food, creating an overpowering metallic taste. Food cooked in unlined copper is toxic to the body, and uncovered aluminium can discolour ingredients. For improved flavour or minimal reaction to food, invest in either stainless steel or hard-anodised aluminium.


  1. Heat Conductivity: Induction or Electrical


Besides tainting flavour or turning food grey, cheap metal pots and pans cannot hold heat properly, so this is another factor to consider. Will you stick with stainless steel pots for gas and electrical stovetops, or will you invest in anodised aluminium cookware for induction tops? Induction is the top, most benefit-rich cooking method. It is healthier for those that lack iron and food heats more quickly. It is also more energy-efficient than gas or electric cooktops, you can control temperatures, and a non-stick patina means less oil.


In a technology-driven world, electromagnetic energy is now the most convenient and cost-effective method of cooking and it promotes healthy lifestyle living. However, compatible cookware is essential, and unless the cookware has a layer with magnetic properties on the bottom, it will not work on an induction top. Further, if you shop induction cookware, remember two things: only hand-wash and always cloth dry, and do not use metal utensils on the cookware surface.


You Get Better Deals with Sets


Cookware sets are the basics of every home kitchen, student apartment, bed and breakfast, self-catering getaway, or restaurant. Stainless steel or cast-iron anodised aluminium cookware sets are economical, but only if you need every piece in them. If you are using an electric stovetop and have plenty of saucepans and only need a new frying pan, purchase individually. However, if you are furnishing a new kitchen or moving over to induction, sets are a better deal.


Shop Quality Get Superiority


Ask any chef, and they will all tell you that your choice of cookware matters. It plays a huge role in taste, colour, and experience. While the rule of thumb with cookware is to shop the best you can afford, invest in a quality set with guarantees that will see you over the next 10 to 20 years. For a wide range of stainless steel and cast iron cookware sets on special, shop at Snappy Chef.