Cooking techniques have developed in great leaps since man first realised he could create fire and roast his catch by rubbing two twigs together. Today’s cooking techniques are sophisticated, efficient, portable, and compact, with induction slowly finding its way into kitchens in every corner of the globe.

Invented in the 50s, induction stoves are one of the leading and most benefit-rich cooking methods. The key to induction cooking is electromagnetic energy. In a nutshell,  induction stoves use electric current to heat cookware through magnetic induction, which  heats the pot or pan instantly, making mealtime easier and faster. But that’s not all this revolutionary cooking method has to offer.

Superior Safety and Energy Efficiency

If you were to turn your top stove plate on high, leave it to warm up for a few minutes and place your hand on the heated plate, your hand would burn. Even on its highest level, this would never happen with an induction stove, as the heated plate is always cool to the touch, making it ideal for households with young children or for elderly folk. Besides its auto “Pan Detection System”, this technology is more efficient than gas or conventional electric stoves, as cooking faster means you use less power.

Once You Go Induction, You Will Never Go Back to Gas or Electric

With so many benefits, the only downfall is that once you go induction, you will never go back to gas or electric! However, because this technology runs on electromagnetic energy, it is the only cooking method that exclusively uses iron cookware as a part of its cooking system. Fortunately, its rising demand has driven these appliances as well as cast iron cookware prices right down. They are now affordable for homeowners, developers, student accommodation, and commercial and industrial kitchens. As a result, it is not hard to find both iron cookware and induction stoves online. For instance, Snappy Chef provides induction stoves and cookware online, and at the most competitive prices too.

Snappy Chef is the Largest Importer of Induction Appliances in the Southern Hemisphere

As a partner of the South African Chefs Association, Snappy Chef is South Africa’s preferred online go-to supplier for residential and commercial outdoor portable stoves, household stoves, indoor commercial and industrial stoves, and a varied offering of high quality cast iron cookware and catering products. As the largest importer of induction appliances in Southern Africa, with over 400 retail outlets throughout every province and town, we cater for the residential household market, catering sector, commercial kitchens and restaurants, and the student accommodation market.