Cooking with an induction cooktop has gained a lot of traction over the last few years, and people love how cost-friendly and convenient the current products on the market are. Not sure if an induction cooktop is for you? Have a look at the questions below to find out.

Do You Need to Make Meals Quickly?

After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is slave for hours in front of a stove. Busy families with things to do and places to be also cannot afford to neglect such responsibilities for a meal. Due to this, some households opt for unhealthy fast food instead of hearty, homecooked meals. Unlike an electric stove, an induction cooktop does not use electricity that must first heat the element of the stovetop. Electromagnetic-generated heat is directly transferred to the pot or pan, and food thus heats up quicker and water can boil up to 50% faster in comparison to other cooktops. Quick cuisine means more time spent on things that matter to you.

Does Your Stovetop Feel Temperamental?

If you often make the same meals that turn out differently each time, it might have a little something to do with your stovetop. Pancakes that cook perfectly through one day and burn on the same heat setting the next day is a frustrating example of uneven heat distribution that never delivers consistent results. With an induction cooktop, not only is heat evenly distributed, but heat controls are more precise too. Now there is no need to second guess which heat setting is correct – controlling your level of heat is fine-tuned, easy, and quicker. Your meals will be consistently delicious each time, with no burnt edges and undercooked centres.

Is Post-cooking Cleaning a Hassle?

The occasional food splatter or spill is common with a meal made in a frying pan or pot, and when these messes land on heat, they burn into your stove. An induction burner doesn’t heat the cooktop directly, however, which means that cleaning up some pasta sauce is a breeze. Once the pot or pan is removed from the surface of the plate, the plate is almost instantly cooled enough to simply wipe down whatever splatters you see.

Do You Have Young Children or Pets?

An induction cooktop is significantly safer than an electric stove, which remains hot to the touch long after it has been used. While turning up the heat on your induction cooktop, you can place your hand directly onto the plate without burning because the plate itself does not generate heat. While one must be cautious because a hot pot can cause the surface of the plate to heat up, the plate in itself is not going to remain hot after use. Therefore, the risk for burns on curious small children or animals such as cats is minimised.

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