Why You Should Choose Induction Stoves Over Conventional Stoves

Induction stoves have been around for some time now, but they are only now moving into mainstream use. Previously, they were only used in professional kitchens and very few residential homes had induction stoves. Nowadays, induction plates and induction stoves have become the new way to cook, and many modern housing developments now have induction stoves installed as standard.

What Is Induction Cooking?

Normal cooking works with heat that is applied to the surface of the cookware, which then heats up the contents of the vessel. With induction cooking, there is no heat applied to the base of the vessel. The heat is generated by a magnetic field that is created when the base of the cooking vessel comes into contact with the induction plate. The induction plate has a powerful electromagnet that causes this magnetic field, and friction within this magnetic field generates the heat inside the vessel that heats up the contents.

When you choose induction stoves over gas or electric cooking, you will notice the following advantages:

Even heat distribution: With an electric or gas hob, you will often find that certain places on the hob are hotter than others. This means that the heat is not evenly distributed throughout the cooking vessel, which necessitates a lot of stirring. It also often results in food burning onto the vessel in certain places. With induction cooking, this doesn’t happen. Because the magnetic field runs throughout the base of the cooking vessel, heat is distributed evenly and the food cooks evenly.

No burns: When using heat to cook, there is always the risk of burning oneself on the hot stove. With induction stoves, the moment the vessel is removed from the hob, the magnetic field is broken and the hob remains cool to the touch.

Easy to clean: When using a conventional stove, food can often drip out and burn onto the hob, which can be very difficult to clean. Because induction stoves do not produce heat on the hob, drips and spills will not burn onto the hob, which is much easier to clean. It basically just takes a wipe with a moist cloth.

Accurate temperature control: Induction stoves allow one to fully be in control of the cooking temperature with the push of a button. The moment the heat is reduced or increased on the plate, it reflects in the cooking vessel. With conventional stoves, there is often a lag in temperature after the heat has been turned up or down, which may result in undercooked or overcooked food.

Energy efficient: When you choose induction stoves, you will be amazed at how much you save on your energy bills! Electric stoves use a lot of electricity to generate adequate cooking temperatures, while induction stoves use very little energy.

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