Why You Should Consider Purchasing an Induction Cooktop

While it is true that induction cooktops have been around for quite some time, they are still pretty rare to find in professional and domestic kitchens. This is now changing. While gas stoves were the norm for most professional and residential kitchens, figures show that even though the induction cooktop is far from replacing gas stoves, they are becoming more of a common sight in prominent kitchens around the world.

Usually, they are used as an addition to gas stoves and to carry out certain processes that need very accurate temperature control. As modern cooking styles and techniques develop, accurate measurements become more important and induction cooktops or induction plates are very accurate when it comes to temperature. Induction plates work with magnetic fields and not with heat, so it is, therefore, easier to control the cooking process.

Even on the domestic kitchen front, it is now common for people to supplement a gas stove with an induction plate. In modern building developments, induction cooktops are becoming the norm. Here are some of the reasons why the induction cooktop should definitely be a consideration for your kitchen.

Uses less energy: When one looks at how gas or electricity heats up the contents of a vessel, one can see that the heat will often burn up around the sides of the pot. This means that a lot of heat escapes into the air and as such, energy is wasted. Because induction plates only heat up the area of the cooking vessel that is in direct contact with the plate, very little energy is lost around the vessel. This saves on energy bills and also keeps the heat down in the kitchen! It is, therefore, also less likely that a fan or air conditioner has to be used to keep the temperature comfortable – this saves even more money!

Easy to use: It is easy to switch an induction cooktop on and off, and to regulate specific temperatures. The modern dial will usually indicate the exact temperature, which makes it easier to control the cooking process. The temperature can be controlled very effectively inside the cooking vessel. With a gas stove or electric hob, there is always some residual heat on the hob after the temperature has been turned down, whilst this doesn’t happen with an induction cooktop.

Safe: Because the induction stovetop doesn’t work with heat, it always remains cool to the touch. This means fewer burns in the kitchen!

Easy to clean: The induction cooktop is very easy to clean by just wiping it down with a cloth and some detergent. Because the hob itself isn’t hot, there is no chance that food that is accidentally spilt onto the hob will burn onto the hob. This makes it quick and easy to just wipe off spills.

If you are looking for an induction cooktop that will look great in your kitchen, be functional for a long time, and save you money, our range of induction cookware and cooktops will be perfect for you. Take a look at our products online or give our team a call at your convenience. Once you have switched to induction cooking, you will find it hard to use anything else again.