The business of food is one of the world’s most competitive markets, with the hospitality industry as one of South Africa’s most active pillars of tourism. Further, owing to the stream of reality cooking shows on Netflix, cooking has gone mainstream. Whether you’ve just completed a culinary diploma, starting a new position as head chef, or upgrading your restaurant or home kitchen – any way you slice it, you’re going to need a knife set. Before you splash out, here’s how to choose the best block for your needs. 

The Essentials: Choose a Set that Matches Your Needs 

As useful and multi-functional as many knives are, it is essential to have the right blade at your fingertips to handle all the demands of food preparation, and this is where knife sets hit the ball out of the park. In one full set, you get a selection of specialised knives that range from paring, serrated, utility, carving, bread, and peeling to a chef’s knife. You also get a beautifully crafted wooden knife block for attractive display and convenient storage.

Blade and Grip: Comfort and Function Over Aesthetics 

knife set is an indispensable kitchen tool – but it’s also a personal item. While splashing out on an extravagant-looking, wooden block set of knives at your local supermarket will save you money (if you’re into aesthetics), it’s better to select your knife set with functionality and comfort in mind. Start with blade sharpness, as this is the most significant feature of a good knife. However, a superior quality knife should not just be sharp. It must also be comfortable to hold with rubber handles that are easy to grip. Keep in mind that some knife sets are designed to be ambidextrous, so ensure that the knife curve is the right fit for your hand before you invest in an entire block set. 

Blade Performance: Material Determines Safety and Reliability 

Quality knife sets can also last decades, rewarding you with years of reliable performance, but that all depends on the material of the blade. Blades come in a variety of materials – from carbon steel, to stainless steel, to ceramic, each blade material has its good points. However, if you’re looking for safe-edge retention, durability, and years of dependable service, then investing in high-carbon stainless steel or stainless steel is the smart choice. 

Few things are as important to a chef, or a home cook, as a good set of knives that will last for years. A quality set is essential to food preparation and cooking techniques, which is why a durable set with strong blades and safe and comfortable handling is a must. Whether you are looking for a set of knives for Christmas gifts, upgrading your restaurant kitchen, or looking for an attractive wooden block set to match your home kitchen décor – chat with the hospitality experts at Snappy Chef.

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