Why You Should Choose Gas Stoves!

Some people like to cook for fun, while others are professionals who like to exercise a lot of control over the type of cooking that they do. In professional kitchens, the norm is to use gas stoves. Generally speaking, professional chefs and a lot of home cooks prefer to use gas stoves as opposed to electric hobs.

Admittedly, induction cooking and electric stoves play valuable roles in modern cooking. Induction plates provide the chef or the cook with the ultimate temperature control and a variety of electronic settings. It is even possible to specify a setting and walk away from the plate with the assurance that the induction plate will switch itself to different temperatures as programmed or switch off at a designated time. Electric ovens are also more often used in professional kitchens than gas stoves because they provide more accurate temperature control and they tend to be more energy efficient.

The one thing that professional and home chefs love about gas stoves, though, is that they are reliable and easy to cook on at all times. When load shedding kicks in, people with gas stoves are not worried about getting dinner on the table.

While gas can be a little expensive to purchase, electricity does cost more (depending on the use). And, of course, it is hard to ignore load shedding. The mere presence and regular occurrences of load shedding explain the trend for a host of homeowners to opt for gas stoves instead of electric hobs. Often, people share the cooking load between an electric oven, gas stoves, and an induction plate. This combination provides the ultimate solution in cooking versatility. Gas stoves are easy to install and maintain, induction plates are great with temperature control, and electric convection ovens provide great results regardless of what is being cooked or baked.

One of the great things that chefs and cooks like about gas stoves is the visual cues they can respond to. The height and intensity of the flames are easy to gauge, which gives the chef a measure of control over how hot or cold the cooking vessel is. It also allows them to immediately escalate the heat or radically reduce it.

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