Looking for State-Of-The-Art Gas Stoves? Try Snappy Chef!

If you love to cook and watch a lot of cooking shows, you will probably notice that most professional kitchens use gas stoves. A lot of people still love cooking on gas stoves at home as well, and many home users in South Africa now choose gas stoves over induction plates or electric hobs as a result of load shedding Coming home to a hungry family, only to realise that there is no way to even heat up water for a cup of tea is enough to drive anyone crazy, and purchasing a gas stove or at the very least, a modern gas hob, is the only way to get around this. While electric hobs have been around for decades, many people would still much rather cook on gas stoves than any other option.

Why Do People Still Like Cooking on Gas Stoves?

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to cook food during the absence of electricity, there are also other things that people like about gas stoves. These include the following:

Temperature control: Because gas plates enable pots to heat up faster and cool down faster, it is easier to control the temperature of the food. This means that the food will cook more evenly and is less likely to burn, especially if good-quality cookware is used.

Better looking: Yes, it is true. Most people (according to studies) think that gas stoves are more attractive than electric stoves. This is probably because modern gas stoves are created in various finishes and styles, and there are just more options to choose from. There is no denying that a state-of-the-art gas stove in a modern kitchen is something to behold!

Economical: Electricity prices have shot up over the last few years, but gas remains relatively stable. Electric stoves also require a lot of energy to work, while gas stoves require less. This means that the overall spend during a typical month or year will be less when using a gas stove.

Long lasting: Overall, gas stoves outperform electric stoves when it comes to longevity. With an electric stove, you will quite often find that one plate won’t work as well as the others, or even that the performance of the appliance will drop as the years pass. Because electric stoves have many internal wires, elements, and complicated heating structures, they break a lot easier than gas stoves. The simple design of a gas stove means that it isn’t very likely to break and that maintenance is relatively easy.

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