Looking for Timeless and Attractive Cookware? Choose Cast Iron Pots and Pans!

There are many ways in which modern technology has changed the way we cook. We have moved from cast iron pots to stainless steel, and even catered for low-cost markets with aluminium cookware. The methods of cooking have evolved from fire, to gas, to electricity, and eventually to induction cooking. Even so, we still use cast iron pots on our braais for potjiekos.

Over the years, however, we have realised that not many types of cookware come close to the original cast iron pots and pans that we first used in the early centuries to cook our food. The only difference is that new technology has enabled a much more attractive product that works just as well as the traditional old black cast iron pots and pans. These products are so versatile that they can be used on practically any modern cooking surface, and can even still be used on an open fire to bring back that nostalgia that we feel when we think of cast iron pots.

The usual image that is conjured up when cast iron pots are mentioned is a big, three-pod potjie – also called a Dutch oven. These pots were usually hooked onto the wagons of the Dutch as they traversed the interior of the country, and whatever was shot or scrambled together during the day was cooked in this pot in the evening. Leftovers were never thrown away and new ingredients simply added for the next meal. Even though the Dutch brought these to the country when the first Huguenots arrived, these have actually been used in many different parts of the world long before they arrived in South Africa. The durability and versatility of cast iron pots simply cannot be beaten when it comes to cooking.

The modern cast iron pots are a lot more attractive and versatile than the heavy old black pots. The weight of cast iron cookware often made them difficult to handle and wash, but now they are made of lightweight iron and come in different finishes and colours to make them not only more attractive, but also more practical. Instead of heavy iron lids, you can purchase lightweight cast iron pots with glass lids from places such as Snappy Chef. Cast iron pots and pans are very popular because they can be used on virtually any cooking surface, including induction plates.

At Snappy Chef, we have a wide range of cast iron pots, pans, and grids for sale. We also stock stainless steel cookware sets, a wide range of accessories, knife sets, stoves, whistling kettles, and other versatile items that will be very useful in any modern kitchen. Why not give your kitchen and your cooking an upgrade by purchasing some attractive and versatile items from Snappy Chef?

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