Thankfully, we have come an absurdly long way since the days of cooking by fire (except the occasional braai, of course). Woodfire hearths, gas cooking, and later, electric stoves, have all served humanity well. The latest in advancements when it comes to stovetop cooking, however, appears in the form of induction plates. If you haven’t heard of an induction stove or its benefits yet, keep reading as we take a closer look at four benefits of investing in one.

How the Plates Work

Unlike a gas flame (which provides even heating) or electrical heating element (which is easier to clean), induction plates offer both of these advantages. But how do they work? To put it simply, they utilise an electromagnetic current, not thermal conduction, that heats up the metal of your pot or pan. This means no direct heat is produced, and you cannot burn yourself on the plate unless the pan above it has heated up the plate’s surface.

Benefit 1: Cooking Happens Quickly

A watched pot never boils, so they say – but induction plates may offer the exception to this rule. Cooking this way requires no waiting for the cooktop to first heat up and then heat your pot. Your cookware and its contents are almost instantly heated, which means that watched pot will boil up to 50% times quicker than when on gas or electric stoves. This is a major selling point for these models and forms one of the main reasons they are so in-demand.

Benefit 2: Energy Efficiency

When cooking with a gas or electric stove, it’s not uncommon to feel the kitchen warm up. Plenty of the heat meant for your cookware does, in fact, escape into the room. This is not only unpleasant during those sweltering summer months, but it means a loss of energy too. Induction plates are different in that they generate heat within your pan only. In the long run, cooking this way equates to greener living and saving on those electricity bills each month – especially if you are someone who does a lot of food preparation at home.

Benefit 3: Improved Temperature Control

Induction plates allow for responsive, precise temperature control when it comes to frying up that steak or tempering chocolate. Precise temperature means you can make consistent meals that taste fantastic every time. Whether you’re putting together a delicate sauce that requires low heat or just want to warm up some soup, you can be sure of what temperature to expect each time.

Benefit 4: Clean-Up is a Breeze

A glass cooktop that is smooth will always be far easier to keep clean. Another way in which induction plates are easier to clean, however, is that it is rare for anything to burn on their surface. The surface of the plate won’t heat up spills and liquid that has boiled over and thus won’t burn them. Easy cleaning and maintenance make for much more pleasant cooking.

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