This year has forced many of us to do something that we weren’t necessarily used to doing before: cook the majority of our own meals on a daily basis. And, while some of us have embraced this activity and discovered new talents in the kitchen, many also realised that there are a number of frustrations involved with or shortcomings related to our kitchen setups and equipment we have on hand for cooking. If you recognise yourself as one of these people, we have two words for you: induction cookware.

What is Induction Cookware?

Typically, a microwave uses energy waves to cook or heat food, while an electric stove creates radiant heat for cooking, and a gas stove uses the heat generated from burning flames. In the case of induction cooking, electromagnetism is responsible for creating the necessary heat. For this to work, you need to use a specific type of cookware – usually purpose-made or made from cast iron or magnetic stainless steel.

The Benefits of Switching to Induction Cooking and Cookware

  1. Faster cooking times
    How often have you switched on your stovetop, only to return to it multiple times to either make sure you have indeed switched it on or whether the pan has heated up sufficiently yet? One of the biggest advantages of induction cooking is that it heats up much faster, cutting your cooking time significantly.
  1. Energy savings
    Because it heats up so much faster than traditional methods of cooking, it also means that your cooking time is cut, and less energy is wasted waiting for pans to reach the correct temperature. Less cooking time means less energy, and less energy means lower electricity bills.
  1. Better for the planet
    Anything that is energy efficient is also better for the environment. The less energy we consume, the less the impact on the planet is. The great thing is that you can cut down on your energy use while cooking, without compromising on your cooking experience at all!
  1. Better control over your cooking
    This method of cooking gives your greater and more precise control over the temperature than with gas or conventional electric counterparts. This, in turn, allows for a more consistent cooking experience, better cooking, and less risk of accidents.
  1. Easier to clean
    An induction cooktop is usually made of a smooth, glass surface. Since the surface itself is not heated by a burner, any spills or messes that occur won’t burn onto the surface as quickly and easily as with traditional stovetops. This means they’re much easier to clean.
  1. Safer environment
    Not only does the burner surface itself not become as hot as a traditional stovetop, but it also cools down much faster after you’re done cooking, which makes burns much less likely to occur. This is great news for parents and pet owners.

Where to Get Your Induction Cookware

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