Plenty of professional chefs favour gas stoves – and if you have not yet looked into the benefits of such an appliance, there is a chance you might prefer it too. It’s not just a matter of stylish looks or current cooking trends, however, as there are some real benefits to switching to gas stoves. We explore six reasons why this is one investment you might want to consider along with your Snappy Chef induction stove.

  1. Fantastic Heat Control

The knobs on your current electric cooktop likely have different numbers designated to its low to high heat settings. Some unfortunate users, though, often struggle to find the right in-between temperature when one setting is too hot but the one below it, not hot enough. Gas stoves are different in that you have fine-tuned control which allows for instant changes in heat. You either increase or decrease the flame, and your pot heats up accordingly.

  1. Much Faster than Electric Cooktops

One frustration many electric stove owners have is how long their cooktops take to heat up. Thankfully, the instantaneous flame produced by burner stoves means there is no waiting for your stovetop to heat up to fry those onions. Faster, even heating means that meals take much less time to prepare. In this case, the adage that a watched pot never boils is quite untrue, as yours will be bubbling in no time.

  1. Cookware-Friendly Cooking

Cooking with pots and pans with rounded bottoms such as a wok makes it difficult to attain even heating from the flat surface of an electric cooktop. The flame from a burner, on the other hand, comes into direct contact with the bottom of your pot or pan and heats it without a fuss.

  1. A More Sustainable Cooking Method

While experimenting with recipes one does not often stop to think about the environmental impact of cooking, but there is a way to do it more sustainably. Gas is the fossil fuel that burns the cleanest – and cooking with it releases far fewer pollutants such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. This is not just better for the environment, however, but better for human and animal health too.

  1. You Will Save on Money

Even if purchasing and installing such a product costs a little extra, you are still going to save money in the long run. Gas is considered cheaper than electricity for two reasons. Firstly, you will cook your meals far quicker with this kind of stove. Secondly, gas lasts a long time before it needs replacing. Even with variations in burner size and user frequency, you still get more bang for your buck.

  1. No More Take-out During Load Shedding

Many South Africans end up splurging on costly fast food during load shedding hours. Gas stoves offer a far cheaper alternative because you can still make homecooked food during load-shedding or unexpected blackouts. Simply manually ignite your burners with a match or lighter and you can still make the meal for which you planned.

The Snappy Chef 2-plate Gas Stove works hand-in-hand with the Snappy Chef Induction Cooktop and fits alongside it perfectly. Our Gas-Up Combo includes a 2-burner cooktop, 2,2 L whistling kettle, and a handy, double-sided braai grid. For more information, get in touch today.