Induction plates are the best inventions in the cooking space since the oven itself. They are affordable, do not take up a lot of space, are portable, heat up quickly, and do not use a lot of energy.

But who are they perfect for? Everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional chef or not. If you love cooking, then induction plates are ideal for you. Today, however, we are only going to focus on five people who can really benefit from using induction plates.

The Singleton Living in a Small Space

If you live in a bachelor’s flat, an induction stove can help you to optimise a small space. If you are limited on space, then you can get a one-plate stove, which really is all you need to cook delicious meals for yourself.

As they are portable, you can take them with you when you eventually decide to move to a bigger space.

The Traveler on the Road

If your dream is to get a caravan or motorhome and go on that road trip across the country, then you want to consider induction stoves.

Small, portable, and very reliable, you will be able to easily prepare meals in your motorhome or caravan, while optimising your space inside. If you sacrificed some clothing space, you could pack your induction plate and a small pot to use if you do not manage to get self-catering accommodation, and still want to be able to cook your own food.

The Student Spreading Their Wings

If you are a student and you are living in a small bachelor’s flat or room in a commune, for example, then they are a wonderful option, as you can cook your own food, which will save you a lot of money. Not only that, but your diet will most probably be healthier too, as you make nourishing food instead of having a stable diet consisting of unhealthy junk food.

The Energy Saver on a Mission

Did you know that induction plates use less electricity? If you are conscious of your environmental footprint and want to save on electricity costs, then they can help you reduce your electricity consumption. Imagine how much energy could be saved if everyone made the switch?

The Caterer on the Move

If you are a caterer and have to travel to different events and locations all the time, then using induction plates are ideal for your business, as they are portable and affordable. Getting a few single and double plates are probably one of the best investments you can make. You can set them up and use them anywhere, and if you have a food truck, then they are perfect, as they do not take up that much space.

If you are one of the five people that will highly benefit from using induction plates, then consider the ones available from Snappy Chef. You can buy our products here on our website or simply use our store locator to find the Snappy Chef supplier nearest to you.