3 Tips to Choose the Right Cast Iron Cookware Online

Just been to your local appliance and cookware store in search for a new set of pots and pans, but with all the confusion, left with nothing? Today, cookware is a lifelong investment.. However, deciding on the right set can confuse because everyday pots and pans look the same. Before you jump online and go back to stainless steel, investigate cast iron cookware sets.

For value, usability and style, cast iron cookware wins hands down. Over 10% of global cookware sales are now standard enamel cast-iron. These ancient pots, pans, griddles, waffle irons, Dutch ovens, muffin tins and loaf pans are just as tough as they were 100-years ago. They are versatile and promote healthy lifestyle living—from its non-stick patina that demands minimal to zero oil and the low chemical load, to its high iron content released into cooked foods. As the leading material cookware of choice in homes, restaurants, and hospitality establishments throughout the world, here’s how to choose the right cast iron set online.

Weight: Lightweight Cast Iron or Regular

Cast iron products come in lightweight and standard weight classes, so it is essential to get the right weight when choosing a set. As the name suggests, lightweight cookware sets are at least 50% lighter, making pots and pans easy to move, whereas standard cast iron is heavy, retains heat longer, and is lasting.

Patina: Seasoned or Enamel

Although traditional cast iron has been around for 100-years and still going strong, enamel adds convenience to modern lifestyle living. Besides providing every benefit of standard iron, the enamel is non-stick, and will not rust or retain powerful aromas in the seasoning. It is also an excellent heat conductor. You can clean it with soap—unlike standard cast iron, and it comes in an array of classic colours and shades. Cast iron is a reactive metal, which can be beneficial for health. However, too much of something is not always a good thing, so if you plan on cooking one too many acidic dishes, opt for enamel.

Mobility: Handles and Knobs

There is a variety of cookware sets online, and they might all look the same, but some features set them apart, such as differences in handles. Cast iron is heavy, so you will need solid handles that will not injure the wrist. To easily manoeuvre your pots or pans, invest some time in deciding whether single knobs or double handles will be best. This tip may seem immaterial now, but you will thank us later when you lift that gorgeous classic red casserole dish from the oven to the dining room table.

There’s no denying that quality cookware is best, with many homeowners and hospitality establishments choosing to invest in cast iron cookware sets over traditional stainless steel and Teflon. At Snappy Chef, we recognise the need for affordable, quality cooking solutions that add convenience and health to food preparation. Visit our online shop to view our incredible Snappy Chef cast iron cookware sets—not only are we running incredible specials, but we also deliver to your door anywhere in South Africa.