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Who Are We?

The Snappy Chef Group was established in 2010 to take advantage of the energy crisis that plagues not only South Africa but is also a problem in many countries across the globe. Snappy Chef has become the Leader in Induction Appliances in South Africa in a very short space of time.

Snappy Chef is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of food preparation products, and while our focus is induction stoves, we also have a wide range of top quality cookware in Stainless Steel and Cast Iron, kettles and knives as well as several ancillary products. The Snappy Chef product range caters for all segments of the market- this ranges from portable stoves for the outdoor-lovers to normal household stoves as well as commercial stoves for restaurants, guesthouses and more. Our household induction stove range are complimented by our gas stoves, making for an all inclusive cooking solution.

Our team:


Our Vision:

Our primary aim over the next ten years is to establish Snappy Chef as the undisputed Leaders in Induction Appliances and Cookware by offering quality products at affordable prices with outstanding customer service. This means being the best, not necessarily the biggest.

Our Mission:

Being the best will be measured by all those with a stake in the Snappy Chef brand:

  • By our customers in terms of value, range and quality of service we provide
  • By our Franchisees in terms of the profit and ongoing support
  • By our employees in terms of remuneration, condition of work, training and employment opportunity
  • By our suppliers in terms of fair and mutually profitable dealings and their willingness to develop their business with ours
  • Our product philosophy is to provide top quality products at affordable prices
  • Our people philosophy- staff, customers and suppliers – maintenance of honesty and integrity in all our dealings, and a consistent high standard of business conduct and ethics

Thus, Snappy Chef strives to provide the best possible product and service to more people, in a better way.

 What We Do?

Snappy Chef Induction Stoves employs breakthrough technology that saves customers money, time and is very safe since there is no heat produced in the stoves as such. Snappy Chef Induction Stoves are also green and proudly South African. Through improved efficiency, the Snappy Chef Stoves save at least 50% on electricity and cook 64% faster than a conventional stove.

Since the inception of Snappy Chef products all expectations were exceeded. In fact, one of the biggest challenges over the last two years was coping with the demand for Snappy Chef products. A strategic decision was taken by the two shareholders, Marius Kok and MC Botha, to employ the Franchise model to cope with the demand and to expand the footprint of Snappy Chef.

The Snappy Chef Induction Appliances are manufactured to meet only the highest standards focusing on the South African market. All Snappy Chef Induction Appliances are registered, tested & certified by the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications.

 Where are we?

Our head office is based in Pretoria, Gauteng, while the Snappy Chef Group serves Southern Africa from 7 dedicated retail, distribution & service centres as well as over 400 selected retail outlets that stock the Snappy Chef range. To locate your nearest outlet, visit the Distributors page.